Hello! I'm Umi! A squid vtuber, cringe lord, and a meme machine!I am a variety streamer and I make original content on TikTok!I also teach people how to do social media & community/audience development with my series ed-Umi-cation! Learn more about it below!


Learn how to absolutely dominate social media and community development from a pro with over 10 years professional experience!✏️ Weekly videos on YouTube✏️ FREE Workbook updated bi-weekly✏️ Special Discord area with resourcesNote: This content is intended for people who create content. It is also aimed toward folks who want to go full-time BUT there is useful info for hobbyists too!


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What kind of streaming do you do?
I am a variety streamer who plays Genshin, Minecraft, and does other stuff/plays other games!
How old is the person behind you?
WHAT?! I am a real 2D person!!! But if there was someone behind me... they are definitely over 18. And over 21. And over 25. THEY ARE A MILF OK????????!!!!!!!!! ara ara
Can I clip and upload your streams?
Yes, as long as you link to my channel you clipped it from at the top of the description and do not post clips out of context to disparage me.
Can I make fan art of you?
Yes! I may even feature it!
Can I sell the fan art of you that I make?
Yes, as long as it is not massed produced or used for a commercial brand. IE: If you draw an image and want to sell prints, that’s A-OK! If you make something like a mass produced fugure, that’s not OK without a license. If you want to draw fan art of me and use it to promote your business, that’s not OK without a license. Make sense?
Can I make rule 34 of you?
Yes, but we are not responsible for anything you do. If you make something that’s illegal, you’re solely responsible! I cannot feature that on my main profiles but it may get featured on my other account. If you know, you know.
Can I use your design for AI art?
Absolutely not. We support human artists here and never consent to any of their work being used to train AI.


Original Concept Artist: xMegantronx

Live2D Main Model Artist: Mitsu

Main Live2D Model Rigging: Elfred Seow

Squibi Live 2D Model: Mogoslab